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What led the chip inventory to an all-time high?

The chip industry has performed well in recent years and has surpassed the performance of leading U.S. indices, such as the Nasdaq and S & P500. What effects did the corona crisis have on the industry and what is expected next? How can I sum up the last year for the shares of the chip […]

This is probably one of the biggest effects that the corona crisis will leave behind

One of the salient trends under the auspices of the corona crisis is the significant increase in the volume of online purchases worldwide. What started as a hesitant move to order food delivery so as not to reach the neighborhood supermarket, has become a global trend in every age, gender and sector. Much has been […]

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange marks the peak of 2020 in new issues: How exactly is this happening in a global crisis?

The year 2020, which of course will be remembered as the year of the corona, will surprisingly also be remembered as a successful year on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, among other things in light of the number of new companies issued in the past year. . And this compound? Before we dive into the […]

Smart investment on a small budget

Big money is not a necessary condition to be a successful investor A common myth about investing is that a large and fat bank account is required just to get started. In reality, the process of building a stable portfolio can start with a few thousand – or even a few hundred – dollars. This […]

More than half of salary transfers from salaries are still at risk of fraud

Recent research shows that the alarming trend continues. More than half of retirees were at risk of fraud when they transferred their pension from the final wage plan to a defined benefit (DB) last month. An analysis by the director of the XPS pension plan found that transfer values ​​increased during March to around £ […]

Provident fund, your future begins now

We all know that money is the tool that allows us to live with dignity. Money is also a resource that we can earn as a result of work. But what happens when our total working hours are not enough for us to fund such and such operations, or when we are not strong enough […]

The things you need to know about portfolio management

The capital market is a tremendous tool at our disposal so that we can allow our money to work in our place. This is a device with very great potential, one that lets our money just work in our place while we stay in peace all the way, all the time. Portfolio management is an […]

Save a white pound for a black day

When we talk to business owners, whether it’s small businesses or large, established businesses, we’re always surprised to find that thinking stays narrow, focused on the here and now. But when we talk about the essential difference between running a business and working as an employee, it is the gap between the narrow mindset that […]